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Ferrante Family Wellness

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Holistic Care for the Body, Mind and Spirit

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At Ferrante Family Wellness, we offer a range of services for the entire family to help you achieve balance and well being. Our experienced practitioners, John A. Ferrante, LMT and Jennifer C. Ferrante, CHt are dedicated to providing you with a transformative experience.

Our mind-body wellness center is a welcoming space, designed to support individuals on their healing journey. Our center offers a variety of services including hypnotherapy, bodywork, Reiki, nervous system balancing, Ayurvedic nutrition and self discovery work such as meditation, therapeutic imagery for health, gene key exploration and human design.

At Ferrante Family Wellness, we believe that true wellness encompasses the entire being: mind, body and spirit. Our center is a sanctuary of serenity and transformation, carefully designed to promote balance and harmony in all areas of your life. We offer a range of holistic services to guide you on this discovery.


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